Remote SSL Access
SSL VPN Access
Lightweight Secure Remote Access

In recent years, remote and mobile workers have become commonplace across the globe. More and more, organizations are needing to provide network access for telecommuters, road warriors and business partners. Thus, secure remote access via Virtual Private Network has become an essential requirement in today's business environment. GTA's Mobile SSL VPN is a protected VPN running on Secure Socket Layer technology, accessible via an independent SSL Client. GTA's SSL remote vpn is flexible, permitting authorized users to establish safe and secure remote access sessions from virtually any location and device.

GTA SSL Client

The GTA SSL client is a remote access VPN client that uses SSL to establish a secure, encrypted connection to the network firewall. Via the SSL Browser, the GTA SSL Client is downloaded and installed to the authorized remote user's machine. Available on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Two Mobile SSL VPN Client licenses come standard. Additional license upgrades are available.

GTA SSL VPN Client Diagram
Seamless Integration

The GTA SSL VPN integrates seamlessly behind any GTA UTM Firewall Appliance, working with the existing network infrastructure - no need to purchase additional hardware or client licenses.

Granular Network Access

The SSL VPN provides administrators with the ability to fine-tune network authorization for each user. SSL Client and Browser access is determined by group privileges. From read-only and bookmark-use only access to full upload and download access, specific authorization can be determined for each SSL user. Authorized users are greeted with a customized login screen and only the available resources are displayed, based upon user privileges.

Login Security

For additional security against key-loggers, the virtual keyboard can be required for user login. The virtual keyboard forces users to enter usernames and passwords via an independent graphical keyboard. The virtual keyboard is also available for FTP, and CIFS/SMB logins.

Cost Effective

Limited administrative overhead for installing client software on each machine, less time required for technical support, and no required client software licenses to purchase, make the GTA SSL Client a cost-effective addition to any organizations remote access strategy.

Ease of Use

Supported on Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms, the GTA SSL VPN is simple to use and easy to implement. Administrative firewall configuration is minimal with the GTA SSL VPN - simply define and enable authorized users by configuring group privileges. The GTA SSL Client is easily installed on the machine of a remote user. Configuration guides for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX platforms explain the process.


  • Seamless Firewall Integration
  • Granular Network Access and Authorization
  • Clientless Access for Browser
  • Customized Browser
  • Two SSL Sentinel Client licenses standard
  • Mobile Support
  • Easy to Use
  • Cost Effective