Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access
Virtual Private Networking

Secure remote access is vital requirement for remote users to initiate secure communications with corporate resources. Using VPNs, "road warriors" or telecommuters can safely access corporate networks from unsecured public networks or un-trusted local networks. A VPN connection can also be used to connect end users that need a secure "end user to host" connection to transmit sensitive information over an intranet. Our secure remote access options used in conjunction with firewall-to-firewall gateway VPN Connection provides a total IPSec VPN solution. GTA remote access methods meets high security standards.

It's Your Choice
Multiple Options to Choose From

GTA firewalls provide three primary secure remote access methods: IPsec VPN, SSL VPN and SSL Browser. This provides users with the flexibility to remotely access an organization's resources by a method that best suits their needs; be it at home on a desktop or on the go with a smart phone. Each VPN license supports all three remote access methods simultaneously.

Remote access protocols LT2P and PPTP are also supported, but not recommended.



Designed specifically for the mobile work force, remote secure access via an IPSec VPN provides the vital ability for remote users to initiate secure communication with corporate resources.

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Lightweight secure remote access. GTA's SSL remote vpn is flexible, permitting authorized users to establish safe and secure remote access sessions from virtually any location and device.

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SSL Browser

Secure remote access from any web browser. The ultimate lightweight remote access. Nothing to download or install. Access your network resources from a browser.

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About Secure Remote Access

Remote VPN Access Example

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) use two things to connect to a host securely: Authorization and Encryption.

  1. 1. Authorization ensures that only trusted hosts can gain network access.
  2.   (1a) If a computer has not logged in with the VPN gateway (GTA firewall), the connection is denied.
  3.   (1b) If a computer provides authorization credentials such as a password and pre-shared secret, the VPN gateway adds the computer to its list of computers allowed to connect.
  4. 2. Encryption defeats interception of traffic by scrambling data. Once authorized, a computer can use encryption to prevent digital eavesdropping (packet sniffing) by any in-between points on the Internet, including unauthorized hosts.

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