Support Offerings

Global Technology Associates, Inc. no longer sells support contracts.

Online Support Center

GTA's online support center is where you can manage your GTA firewall products.

The support center provides you with the ability to:
  • Manually download runtime updates
  • Manually obtain activation codes
  • Register your firewall systems
  • Assign contact information for individual firewalls
  • Configure your contact preferences


Version 6.2.x is the current release of GB-OS. If you have updated your GTA firewall to GB-OS 6.2 (or higher) please select the Current Documents button below. It will provide you with GB-OS 6.2 documentation and updated documentation for GTA's products and features based on utilization with GB-OS 6.2. If you have not yet updated to GB-OS 6.2 and are running an older version of GB-OS on your firewall, documentation is available through Archived Documents button below.


Scheduled Training Courses


Currently there are no live training courses scheduled. We are providing online videos of our recorded training courses via the link on this page. Not all training course videos are available at this time however we are uploading them as they are edited and processed. Please check back often as we are updating the videos daily.

Registering Your GTA Firewall Product

It is important to register your GTA firewall products to insure that all features and software updates will be available. Once your firewall product is registered you will be able to access all activation codes, software updates, when available and enable subscription services if purchased. Failing to register your GTA firewall may limit the effectiveness of the firewall as it is important to keep your product up to date. Updates are only available to supported registered products.

Your Online Support Center account will list all your registered firewall products along with activation codes, subscription product information and any support contract information. This information will also then be available on the firewall web admin interface when the firewall is registered. A registered firewall will also have the capability to enable automatic software and activation code updates using the web admin interface.

How to Register Your GTA Firewall Product
  1. Login to your GTA Online Support Center Account.
    If you don't have a support center account then create a New Account.
  2. Click on Register a Product to begin registering your GTA Firewall.
    You will need:
    1. Your firewall serial number
    2. Activation, Installation or Verification Code
      Note:  All this information can be found on the documents provided with your firewall.
  3. Enter the Purchase Date and Reseller from whom you purchased your GTA Firewall. For the contact/location information, leave the “use my profile information” checked, as long as it is appropriate, otherwise fill in the correct details for this GTA Firewall. When you have finished, click Save at the bottom right of the page.
  4. Once the product registers successfully, when you return to the Support Home, all the other areas and downloads are now available to you. If the product registration fails for any reason, please email us at with details of your account name, serial number and activation code and we will look into the problem.
Upgrading Your GTA Firewall Product

GTA releases new version of GB-OS to provide our customers with new features and/or address identified issues. GTA recommends always running the most current GB-OS version available for your firewall to ensure the highest level of security.

To determine the most current version available for your firewall, check your firewall information in either the GTA Online Support Center or in the web admin user interface on the firewall (Configure -> Configuration -> Runtime -> Update). Your firewall needs to be registered in order to receive available updates.

If your product is eligible for an upgrade, you may download and install the runtime directly on the firewall through the web admin interface or manually from the GTA Online Support Center.

Upgrading Older Versions

If you are upgrading a GTA Firewall that is not on a supported GB-OS version, you will first need to upgrade to a supported version prior to upgrading to the current version. Please contact GTA Support for guidance.