Premium 24x7 Support

This support contract is offered for those companies with critical network needs. If your network security is vital to your organization 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you may wish to consider the Premium 24/7 support contract. This support contract provides you with phone or email support with a targeted 1 hour response time 24/7. Priority status is assigned to all incidents submitted by Premium 24/7 support contract holders.

The Premium 24/7 Support Contract includes the following benefits for the twelve-month period beginning on the purchase date of the support contract:

  •     Email Support
  •     Phone Support
  •     Priority 24x7 Phone Support with a dedicated 24x7 phone number
  •   Software Updates
    All software updates, including major version and patch-level updates for a twelve-month period starting with activation of the support contract.
  •   10 Support Incidents
    Up to 10 Incidents of telephone or email technical support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a targeted 1 hour response time. Resolution time per incident will depend on the nature of the technical support question. GTA does not provide technical support for non-GTA products or components.
  •   Hardware Hot Swap

    A "hot-swap" warranty option. Product must be covered by a GTA warranty. If GTA technical support determines that a GTA product is in need of repair, the customer has the option to request an advanced replacement unit. A replacement unit of comparable level will be shipped to the customer via priority service (Next Business Day for US shipments and International Priority for Canada).

    GTA support will issue an RMA number with instructions to return the failed unit. Upon receipt of the replacement unit, the customer must return the failed unit to GTA within three (3) business days, freight prepaid and insured since GTA is not liable for loss or damage during transit. The defective unit must be packaged in either the original packing material or the “hot swap” packaging material.

  •   Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Updates.
  •   Mail Proxy Anti-Virus subscription.

Support Incident

Support is measured and provided in case incidents. Incidents are tracked after the conclusion of the 30 day "up and running" support offered with each new unit. Resolution time per incident will depend on the nature of the technical support question. An incident is considered closed whenever one of the following two conditions has been met:

  1. The problem with the GTA product is resolved and the GTA product is functioning.
  2. OR
  3. The problem is determined not to be with the GTA product, but with another network component.
GTA 24x7 Support contracts are available from a GTA Authorized Channel Partner or directly from GTA sales team at 800-775-4482 or