Redundant Failover for 24x7 Networks

High Availability
No Downtime

H2A, GTA's firewall high availability solution, is a cost effective resilient network security solution. This feature is easy to enable utilizing an activation code. There is no additional software to install on the firewall systems. The H2A configuration is simple and fast, providing you with a solid highly available firewall system that is up and running in a matter of minutes.

Why High Availability?

In today's economy, information is a key factor to success. Your network is the key that allows fast, easy access to information in your office and around the world. To ensure that information access your network infrastructure must provide reliable, secure connections to the Internet. Your GTA Firewall Appliance forms the foundation for your network security by preventing unauthorized access to your network. Have you considered what would happen to your network security if your firewall went down? There’s a simple solution that will eliminate that concern - add H2A, GTA’s high availability option. With H2A, you can be sure that firewall downtime does not mean network access downtime. H2A is an option for GB-2600, GB-2500, GB-2100, GB-820, GB-300 and GB-Ware. All units in an H2A chain must be identically configured.

H2A allows you to build a continuously available firewall system of GTA Firewalls. The basic high availability configuration consists of two identical GTA Firewall Appliances each with the H2A option activated. The GTA Firewall Appliances operate as one virtual GTA Firewall system so you can locate them anywhere on your network without the need of connecting cables. Should the primary GTA Firewall Appliance go offline, the secondary GTA Firewall Appliance automatically and transparently switches to primary mode. You organization never loses secure network access.

High Availability Options

GB-300, High Availability License
GB-820, High Availability License
GB-850, High Availability License
GB-2100, High Availability License
GB-2500, High Availability License
GB-2600, High Availability License
GB-Ware, High Availability License
GB-Ware Enterprise, High Availability License