GB-Ware Firewall

The Software Firewall Alternative


Software Firewall

With the operating system integrated in the GB-Ware® firewall UTM software, the security risks normally inherent in operating systems are eliminated. Installation and configuration are simple with no concerns about OS hardening techniques or tracking new security risks. The GB-OS system software is installed on your choice of IDE or SATA controlled storage devices - both hard disk drives and CompactFlash media are supported.

Powered by GB-OS system software, GB-Ware includes advanced features such as Dynamic Gateway Architecture and Threat Management Features. Dynamic Gateway Architecture allows GB-Ware systems to be customized to fit nearly any network design - from simple plug-and-play to advanced configuration and routing features such as load balancing and gateway failover for up to six gateways. GTA's suite of threat management products and services includes a robust intrusion prevention system, Internet content filtering and email proxy with basic email filtering. Expanding the UTM features is easy and affordable with GTA's Mail Proxy optional Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam features and GTA's Web Filtering subscription option. GB-Ware is offered in configurations from 25 users to unrestricted enterprise level, allowing network administrators to easily implement a firewall UTM system that meets the needs of their specific organization.

Comprehensive Feature Set

GB-Ware Firewall UTM Systems' advanced features include multi-WAN failover, load sharing, policy based traffic management, and dynamic routing options such as routing based on policy, source, protocol or ports. These flexible routing features provide business continuity by assuring network uptime. Perimeter threat management includes IPS, DoS, DDoS, anti-virus, anti-spam and URL filtering. Full interoperability with other GTA firewalls make it a snap to implement site-to-site IPSec VPN tunnels to branch offices that have installed GTA Firewall UTM Appliances. When your network demands the ease-of use of an appliance combined with the power and flexibility of a software firewall, GB-Ware is the ideal solution.

Virtualized GB-Ware

Installation of a Virtualized GB-Ware Software Firewall UTM system expands on the implementation options available for GTA systems. GB-Ware can be installed on a variety of VM platforms including: VMWare, Citrix XenServer, Hyper-V or VirtualBox systems. Customers operating Virtual Machine (VM) hosts can run both their GB-Ware firewall and network services on the same hardware.

The GB-Ware Firewall software allows you to implement a firewall powered by GB-OS on hardware of your choice, including Virtual Machines. GB-Ware provides powerful, enterprise-level security with comprehensive features - including support for GTA's Mail Proxy Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus options - that are easy to implement and support in most corporate network environments. Available in Enterprise, unrestricted or 25-user versions, GB-Ware offers transparent NAT, stateful packet inspection, built-in IPSec VPN, DCHP server, secure remote management and content filtering. GB-Ware unrestricted version also includes unrestricted concurrent users, 128,000 concurrent connections and supports up to 20 interfaces when the multi-interface option is activated. GB-Ware Enterprise addresses the needs of the larger organizations with network connectivity needs that exceed that of GB-Ware unrestricted. GB-Ware Enterprise increases concurrent connections up to a possible 3 million, VPN Security Associations to 10,000 and VLANs to 4096.

Find the Perfect Fit

Three Versions to Choose From

GB-Ware Restricted Firewall Image


Ideal for small sites with limited requirements. Restricted to 25 or 50 concurrent outbound users.
GB-Ware Unrestricted Firewall Image


The standard for medium sites. No user limitations and 128,000 concurrent connections.
GB-Ware Enterprise Firewall Image


The choice for large sites with substantial requirements. No user limitations and up to 3 million concurrent connections.

Be sure to check the GB-Ware requirement list to insure that your target install system will be able to run the software.

GB-OS Graphic


Our Turn-key Firewall Operating System.

All GTA firewall systems are powered by GB-OS, an original turn-key firewall operating system. GB-OS is a totally self-contained solution that integrates an operating system with innovative hybrid UTM firewall technology into a single high performance, compact system.
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GB-Ware Restricted, Upgrade from 10 to 25 Users
GB-Ware Restricted, Upgrade from 25 to 50 Users
GB-Ware Restricted, Upgrade from 50 to Unrestricted Users
GB-Ware Unrestricted, Upgrade to Enterprise
GB-Ware Restricted/Unrestricted High Availability License
GB-Ware Enterprise High Availability License
GTA Mobile VPN, Single Add-On License
GTA Mobile VPN, 5-User Add-On License
GTA Mobile VPN, 10-User Add-On License
GTA Mobile VPN, 25-User Add-On License
GTA Mobile VPN, 50-User Add-On License
GTA Mobile VPN, 100-User Add-On License
GTA Mobile VPN, 250-User Add-On License


GB-Ware Restricted Mail Proxy Anti-Spam Subscription
GB-Ware Unrestricted Mail Proxy Anti-Spam Subscription
GB-Ware Enterprise Mail Proxy Anti-Spam Subscription
GB-Ware Restricted Web Content Filtering Subscription
GB-Ware Unrestricted Web Content Filtering Subscription
GB-Ware Enterprise Web Content Filtering Subscription

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