VERSION 6.2.11
                              RELEASE NOTES

Author:     Global Technology Associates, Inc.
Product:    GB-OS version 6.2.11
Date:       05 December 2017

GB-OS version 6.2.11 includes updated versions of the following GTA
products and utilities:

    GB-OS                       6.2.11

Release notes are located on the installation CD and on GTA's Web site.

For more about upgrading related software, see individual product
release notes.

Release Notes sections are categorized first by feature addressed, then
by the type of change.







    1.1 Entering New Activation Codes
        If upgrading from 6.1.x or below, new activation codes must be
        entered. GB-OS version 6.2.11 is available at no charge to customers 
        with a GTA support contract or annual maintenance agreement. 
        Other users should contact their local Authorized GTA Channel Partner 
        or email for information and pricing of upgrade options.

    1.2 Upgrade Notes   
        1.2.1 Upgrading to GB-OS 6.2.x
        Firewalls must be on GB-OS version 6.1.x or higher to properly
        upgrade to GB-OS 6.2.x. See the Upgrade Guide for more information.
        GB-Ware users currently on any GB-OS version 6.2.0 to 6.2.05 need
        to read the "GB-Ware_GB-OS_6.2.06_Upgrade_Notice.pdf" document before
        attempting to upgrade to any GB-OS version 6.2.06 and above.
        This document can be found at the following URL:
        1.2.2 Error Messages Upon Initial Reboot
        Upon rebooting after successful installation, the GTA
        Firewall UTM Appliance may display errors when accessed
        using the Web interface.  This is expected, these errors are
        generated because the browser's cache is trying to access
        files and locations that no longer apply. Click OK to any
        displayed errors and refresh the browser window to access
        GB-OS 6.2.11. If the error messages persist, clear your
        browser's cache.                         
        1.2.3 Web Filtering Upgrade Notice
        GB-OS 6.1.3 and above includes enhancements to the Web Filtering
        category listings. The Web Filtering categories will be modified 
        when your GTA firewall is updated to GB-OS 6.2.11. Existing Web 
        Filtering categories will be automatically mapped to the enhanced 
        categories included in GB-OS 6.1.4. Please review the Content 
        Filtering Feature Guide for details on the Web Filtering 
        category mapping.
        GTA strongly recommends reviewing the settings for all (new and 
        automatically mapped) categories and making any necessary 
        revisions to your Web Filtering settings and policies to ensure 
        they meet your corporate Internet Access Policy.

        1.2.4 IPS Upgrade Notice

        GB-OS 6.1.10 and above include enhancements to the IPS
        categories and rules. 

        GTA strongly recommends reviewing the settings for all enabled
        IPS rules and making any necessary revisions to your IPS settings
        to ensure they meet your corporate Internet Access Policy.

    1.3 SSL Certificate Replacement

        GB-OS version 6.2.09 and above install a new default security/SSL
        certificate. Some browsers, will not recognize the new certificate if
        the original has never been replaced. If you are unable to log on to
        the firewall after upgrading, delete the browser's cached security
        certificate, then close and restart your browser before
        reattempting remote access to your firewall.

    2.1 Modifications 
        2.1.1 Updated support for Hyper-V installations of GB-Ware.

    3.1 Modifications 
        3.1.1   Removed support for TLS 1.0 from GBauth.

    4.1 None.  

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