VERSION 6.0.9
                            RELEASE NOTES

Author:     Global Technology Associates, Inc.
Product:    GB-OS version 6.0.9
Date:       16 June 2014

GB-OS version 6.0.9 includes updated versions of the following GTA
products and utilities:

    GB-OS                       6.0.9

Release notes are located on the installation CD and on GTA's Web site.

For more about upgrading related software, see individual product
release notes.

Release Notes sections are categorized first by feature addressed, then
by the type of change.








    1.1 Entering New Activation Codes
        If upgrading from 5.4.x or below, new activation codes must be
        entered. GB-OS version 6.0.9 is available at no charge to customers 
        with a GTA support contract or annual maintenance agreement. 
        Other users should contact their local Authorized GTA Channel Partner 
        or email for information and pricing of upgrade options.

    1.2 Upgrade Notes   
        1.2.1 Upgrading to GB-OS 6.0.x
              Firewalls must be on GB-OS version 5.2.0 or higher to properly
              upgrade to GB-OS 6.0.x. See the Upgrade Guide for more information.
        1.2.2 GB-250 Rev B Upgrade to GB-OS 6.0.x
              GB-250 Rev B firewalls on version GB-OS 5.2.x should be on runtime
              slice 2 when upgrading to version 6.0.x.

              The firewall's current runtime slice is displayed on the 
              firewall's System>Overview screen. To view the current slice, log 
              into the firewall's web administration interface and navigate to 
              System>Overview. The runtime section will display the firewall's 
              current runtime slice.
              Additionaly, some GB-250 Rev B firewalls require a Bios Update 
              before updating to GB-OS 6.0.x. If the Bios version is not v0.99h 
              or higher,the Bios may need to be updated. 
              You can check the BIOS by:
                 1. Examining the hardware report for the Bios version:
                    BIOS: PC Engines ALIX.2 v0.99h tinyBIOS V1.4a (C)1997-2007
                 2. Connecting on the console interface and rebooting the 
                    firewall. The first line displayed should be BIOS revision. 
                    Example: PC Engines ALIX.2 v0.99h
               You can check if the firewall is a GB-250 Rev B by the following:
                 1. GB-250 Rev B firewalls have USB ports while GB-250 Rev A do
                    not have USB ports. 
                 2. GB-250 Rev B firewall serial numbers are:
                    Starting at S/N 65002101 and above 
                    Starting at S/N 65902101 and above

        1.2.3 Re-sizing Slices and Runtime Upgrades
              In order to support the new features in GB-OS 5.2.x and above, 
              some firewalls may require partition re-sizing during the 
              upgrade process. Upon re-sizing, both runtime slices will have 
              GB-OS 6.0.9, and firewall administrators WILL NOT be able to 
              revert to previous runtimes via the Console or Web interface.
              GTA strongly recommends backing up current firewall 
              configurations PRIOR to upgrading.

              Firewalls requiring re-sized partitions will take approximately 
              5-8 minutes to reboot and fully update once the runtime has 
              been applied. DO NOT switch off or reboot the firewall during 
              this process.

        1.2.4 Error Messages Upon Initial Reboot
              Upon rebooting after successful installation, the GTA
              Firewall UTM Appliance may display errors when accessed
              using the Web interface.  This is expected, these errors are
              generated because the browser's cache is trying to access
              files and locations that no longer apply. Click OK to any
              displayed errors and refresh the browser window to access
              GB-OS 6.0.9. If the error messages persist, clear your
              browser's cache.
        1.2.5 Firewall Control Center No Longer Supported
              With the release of GB-OS 6.0, GTA's Firewall Control Center
              (FWCC) will no longer be supported and will be removed from the
              firewall interface for all products.
        1.2.6 IPSec Object Upgrade 
              When upgrading to GB-OS 5.4.2 and above, all firewalls using 
              SHA-2, with keys larger than 128, will need to be upgraded. 
              If unable to upgrade, firewalls must be switched to a compatible 
    1.3 SSL Certificate Replacement

        GB-OS version 6.0.9 will install a new default security/SSL
        certificate. Some browsers, including Netscape and Mozilla,
        will not recognize the new certificate if the original has
        never been replaced. If you are unable to log on to the
        firewall after upgrading, delete the browser's cached security
        certificate, then close and restart your browser before
        reattempting remote access to your firewall.

2.  SYSTEM                            
    2.1 Modifications
    2.2 Bug Fixes
        2.2.1   Update SSL - fix Vulnerability Note CVE-2014-0224 - OpenSSL
                Man-in-the-middle attack.

        2.2.2   Update SSL - fix Vulnerability Note CVE-2014-3470 - ECDH
		ciphersuites subject to a denial of service attack.

    3.1 Modifications
    3.2 Bug Fixes

    4.1 Modifications
    4.2 Bug Fixes

    5.1   Previous Release Notes
          These notes cover the 6.0.9 release of GB-OS. Release notes for 
          previous versions can be found at GTA's website,

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