Configuration Service

Firewall Configuration

We are at your service

If you've never configuration a GTA firewall or any firewall for that matter, our configuration service can provide you with some peace of mind and a configuration specifically tailored for your organization's network. Our team will provide you with a questionnaire, communicate via email and telephone if needed to gather the information that will be need to construct a system configuration for your new GTA firewall. If will be installed on your new firewall appliance and tested prior to shipment. Once the system is received our team will be available to answer questions and assist in any adjustments needed.

If you are upgrading an older GTA firewall to a newer model our team will convert your older configuration and make adjustment for the a new GB-OS and firewall appliance. This service is also available for GB-Ware systems, which will be tested on a virtual system prior to delivery.

Step by Step Process

GTA's configuration service covers all GTA firewall products. GTA configuration service is a five (5) step process.


A GTA firewall technician will first consult with you both by phone and email to assemble configuration information for your new firewall installation. If you are upgrading from a previous GTA firewall the technical will review the old configuration, make suggestions and use it as a basis for the new system configuration as needed. If you are replacing another firewall product the technician will review the old products configuration, along with customer input to form the basis for a GTA firewall configuration.


Once the GTA firewall technician obtained all the necessary information, work will begin on the creation of a GTA firewall system configuration to meet your specific requirements. This may take up to 3 business days to complete. During this time the GTA may contact customer with follow up questions.


If a new firewall is being purchased then the configuration is installed and tested on firewall appliance or in the case of GB-Ware on a GTA test system. Once testing has been completed the appliance is passed to shipping department for shipment to customer specified location. In the case of GB-Ware the configuration will be made available for download to the customer.


The customer deploys pre-configured firewall with remote assistance from a GTA technician.

Follow Up

A GTA firewall technician will follow up with customer and provide current firewall back up.

What is Provided

  • 30 days of Standard Support
  • GB-OS Upgrade on installation [If required]
  • Conversion & import for trade-in GTA firewalls
  • Configuration of Network Interface Settings
  • Firewall management configuration
  • Configuration of DHCP Service for internal clients
  • Configuration of DNS Proxy service
  • Configuration of NTP Service.
  • Syslog server configuration
  • Static, OSPF, BGP route configuration
  • Configuration of Inbound tunnels
  • Migration Assistance from Non-GTA Firewalls to GTA Firewalls
  • Installation follow up by GTA Firewall Technician
  • Configuration back-up provided to customer after installation is completed


GTA guarantees the configuration service will deliver a pre-configure firewall based on customer configuration specification or import-ed configuration provided by the customer. GTA realizes that new firewalls with new features may require additional changes on installation. Therefore, any changes required on installation will be handled during the 30 day installation period which begins on the new firewall ship date. Firewalls installed after the 30 day installation period will require a separate support contract. Installation assistance is provided during GTA normal support hours unless the firewall is covered by Premium 24x7 support.

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