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Small Office/Remote Office Solution

The GB-300 Firewall UTM Appliance is an entry level firewall for small business in GTA's RoBoX family with support for GTA's Mail Proxy with optional Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus add-on features, offering more power and flexibility than comparable appliances. Available in a 25 or 50 concurrent outbound user versions, the GB-300 is designed for small business offices that require network security functions usually found only in enterprise level firewall appliances. The proven GB-OS System Software, assures you full corporate level firewall security. Features include transparent NAT, stateful packet inspection, built-in IPSec VPN DHCP and content filtering, all packed in a desktop internet security appliance. The GB-300 comes standard with powerful unified threat management features such as an intrusion prevention system, email proxy and URL content filtering. Total perimeter security in a small appliance.

Rear View GB-300 Firewall

Full Featured Unified Threat Management

For Small Sites

Designed and priced to meet the needs of smaller organizations, the GB-300 includes the same security and UTM features of our larger enterprise firewall UTM appliances, but scaled to the needs of offices with fewer than 50 employees. Three independent gigabit network interfaces are each fully configurable as external, internal and DMZ. Powered by GB-OS system software with Dynamic Gateway Architecture, the GB-300 can be customized to t your network design from simple plug-and-play to utilizing load balancing and gateway failover for up to six gateways. GTA’s suite of threat management products and services, includes an intrusion prevention system, Internet content filtering and email proxy with basic email filtering. Expanding the UTM features is easy and affordable with Mail Proxy Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam, as well as Web Filtering with URL categorization. The GB-300 Firewall UTM Appliance is available in two standard configurations: 25 or 50 concurrent outbound users with the 25 user version upgradable to 50 concurrent users. The GB-300 features the new AMD G series dual core T40E processor with 64 bit support to enhance performance.


Branch Office/Remote Office

Many small businesses have difficulty finding a cost-effective Internet security solution to meet all their requirements. By integrating solid firewall VPN functionality with threat management of anti-virus, anti-spam and IPS into a single appliance, remote and branch offices can select only the features they require for the level of security that meets their needs. Features can be added by entering an activation code, there is no need to purchase additional hardware or install complex software programs. The result is a comprehensive solution comparable in features to systems designed for enterprise level networks.


Our Turn-key Firewall Operating System.

All GTA firewall systems are powered by GB-OS, an original turn-key firewall operating system. GB-OS is a totally self-contained solution that integrates an operating system with innovative hybrid UTM firewall technology into a single high performance, compact system.
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GB-300 Upgrade 25 to 50 Users
GB-300 High Availability Option, Single License
GB-300 Configuration Service
GTA Mobile VPN, Single Add-On License
GTA Mobile VPN, 5-User Add-On License
GTA Mobile VPN, 10-User Add-On License
GTA Mobile VPN, 25-User Add-On License
GTA Mobile VPN, 50-User Add-On License
GTA Mobile VPN, 100-User Add-On License
GTA Mobile VPN, 250-User Add-On License


GB-300 Mail Proxy Anti-Spam Subscription, 12 Months
GB-300 Web Content Filtering Subscription, 12 Months

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