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Thank you for visiting GTA has redesigned our web site, and all information previously found here is now located at Please add bookmark to your favorites list for If you are looking for GNAT Box Light, it has been replaced with GTA's new free firewall product, GB-Ware 2-User Version. You can find information and register for downloads of GB-Ware 2-User version here.

As the second phase of our web site redesign, we will be revamping with a new focus and features. If you would like to receive email notification of new products, offers and other GTA information, sign up here.

About User Forums

GTA hosts GNAT Box User Forums to provide a forum for users to converse on issues relating to GNAT Box System Software, GTA Firewalls and general Internet security issues.

We believe these forums provide a source for valuable information for all levels of GNAT Box users. All forums are monitored by GTA staff, who may at times post information or a reply. If you would like to join a GNAT Box User Forum, sign up here.

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